What are the best ways to reduce your stress and depression?

Dealing With Stress and Depression Depression is a serious issue in the United States, and the National Institute of Mental Health reports that approximately 21 million adults experienced at least one major depressive episode in 2020. Depression can trigger stress, and stress can contribute to depression, which creates a cycle that is difficult to break. …

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Depression Signs & Symptoms

Bad days happen to everyone. It’s completely normal to feel awful sometimes. Life can be rough, and people are emotional creatures. However, if feelings of sadness or loneliness or disconnection begin to overwhelm you, affecting your life and lasting long periods of time, you may be suffering from depression. If you or someone you know …

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What Causes Mental Illness?

Mental illnesses are brain-based conditions that affect your feeling, thinking, behavior and mood. They are very common, affecting nearly one in five adults in the U.S. and representing about 19% of the total population. Mental illness is caused by issues associated with the brain, which changes based on life experiences such as trauma, nutrition and …

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