Nevada Mental Health Hotlines

As of 2021, more than 57 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental illness. That’s about 20% of the population. It’s almost a certainty that more than one person you know is dealing with a mental health challenge, whether the signs are obvious or not. The situation in Nevada is even starker. More than 474,000 adults in Nevada, or more than eight times the population of Carson City, have a mental illness, and 109,000 are dealing with a severe mental illness. Around 41% of adults in Nevada reported having experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression, and almost a quarter of those respondents were unaware that the Nevada Mental Health Hotline and other resources were available to help them.

The bottom line is that mental illness is everywhere, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. If you or someone you love in Nevada is dealing with a mental health challenge, help is available. The following resources provide support for mental health in Nevada.

Help for Nevada Residents

Nevada Crisis Line

The Nevada Crisis Line offers assistance to anyone facing an emotional crisis, making sure they have someone to talk to. This crisis helpline in Nevada has skilled staff members who are available 24-7 to offer empathy, understanding and assistance.

(775) 784-8090

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention

The Nevada Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention hotline is a vital support service for state residents facing severe mental health crises, including thoughts of suicide. Trained and compassionate professionals provide emergency assistance for mental health challenges in Nevada.

Call: (775) 784-8085

Text: LISTEN to 839863

National Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline should be your first call if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide. Trained counselors are available 24-7 to listen and talk you through your situation, and they can direct you to local resources to get the help you need.

(800) 273-TALK or (800) SUICIDE

National Mental Health Hotline

The National Mental Health Hotline is also available around the clock to help you with any challenge you’re facing, whether moderate or severe. Counselors are eager to listen and offer help, and if further treatment is needed, they can direct you to the appropriate resources.

(866) 903-3787

National Youth Crisis Hotline

The National Youth Crisis Hotline specializes in helping people under 18 work through mental health challenges or personal crises. The trained health counselors, available 24-7, understand that the mental health needs of children and adolescents are unique, and they have the knowledge and tools to give you the support you need.

(800) 442-HOPE (4673)

The Mental Health Hotline

Call our Nevada mental health hotline for help with anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges in Nevada. Our team members have the knowledge, tools and resources to help you get through your situation. They can provide referrals to local professionals if needed. We’re available 24-7 to Nevadans in need.