Wyoming Mental Health Hotlines

More than 1 out of 5 (20.3%) Wyoming residents report mental health incidents, compared to the national average of 18.6%. According to the state’s own Oil City News, “Wyoming ranks No. 12 for the most mental health disorders in the country.” Unfortunately, the state doesn’t fare much better when it comes to substance abuse. No shortage of providers (or shortage of funds) should ever prevent you from getting the help you deserve. The following resources are free of charge, confidential and available to all Wyoming residents. Help yourself or someone you love today by calling the Mental Health Hotline for Wyoming.

Mental Health Concerns in Wyoming

With increasing numbers of residents reporting symptoms of anxiety, depression or another mental health concern, it’s no surprise Wyoming has worked to grow the availability of mental health services. The Wyoming Department of Health organizes and distributes funds to a network of direct service providers and participates in various statewide initiatives such as the Wyoming Early Mental Health Episode educational program and Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education), which partners with schools to provide support and education about mental health and substance use disorders. The state partners with various local organizations to increase capacity in a state where nearly half of those with mental health symptoms struggle to access treatment. Wyoming also has a substantial number of addiction treatment options, with rehab centers located throughout the state. Free addiction treatment in Wyoming is available with inpatient, outpatient and long-term maintenance options. Below are some of the resources available to Wyoming residents for help with mental health concerns and substance use disorders.

Mental Health Hotlines for Wyoming Residents

The National Mental Health Hotline

If you need to connect with a mental health specialist, use the Mental Health Hotline for Wyoming. A trained professional will take your call and assist you however they can. Referrals are available to local treatment centers, and a world of resources is waiting for you. The hotline is available to all U.S. residents and operates on a 24-7 basis.

(866) 903-3787

NAMI Helpline

The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides a wealth of resources, including the NAMI Helpline. Help is available by phone, text or email Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. The text option is available 24-7 to provide assistance and an empathetic ear.

Call: (800) 950-6264
Text: NAMI to 741-741
Email: info@nami.org

WDH Hotline

The Department of Health offers a suicide prevention hotline that also functions as a mental health hotline. Trained mental health professionals are available to discuss any treatment needed, including finding help for addiction treatment.

Call: (800) 273-8255
Text: WYO to 741741

Community Services

Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S.)

Younger Wyoming residents can contact Y.E.S. House for help with addiction and other mental health concerns. A sliding scale and free options for treatment are available for low-income residents. This program focuses on adolescents and helps provide a supportive environment for those seeking sobriety. It has a crisis shelter, day programs and group home in addition to the residential treatment program.

(307) 686-0669 ext. 1001

Fremont Counseling Service

Operated as a not-for-profit, Fremont Counseling Service is available to provide free addiction treatment for Wyoming residents in the Riverton area. Using Medicaid and SAMHSA block grants to pay for services, no clients are turned away due to an inability to pay. Treatment includes intensive outpatient programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention and individual counseling, all provided at a CARF-accredited facility.

(307) 856-6587

Leave Addiction in the Past

Sobriety is a lifelong process, but it often starts with access to quality treatment and mental health services. If you’re struggling to find treatment options you can afford, call the Mental Health Hotline for Wyoming today and get a local referral from a specialist.