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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you or someone you love is in distress, and talking to friends or relatives may be difficult. Reaching out saves lives, however, and the Mental health hotline provides the ear of a compassionate professional who knows how to deal with a mental health crisis. Sometimes, a brief conversation is all it takes to put things in perspective and move forward.


The Mental Health Hotline at 866-903-3787 can answer your questions confidentially and free of charge.

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I was struggling with depression for a long time but didn’t know where to turn. The National Mental Health Hotline answered my call at 3 in the morning to help me. The next day I found a local mental health therapist near me. I’m not sure where I would be if I never called. 

What Is the Mental Health Hotline?

The Mental Health Hotline can help with a mental health crisis. A mental health crisis is a situation that involves someone who is in emotional distress, has thoughts of harm to self or others, is out of touch with reality, unable to function, and can’t calm down. An example is talk of suicide without imminent danger. Substance use, going off psychiatric medications, low mood, and eating disorders may fall into this category.

If there is doubt, call 911. If the situation is ongoing but not an immediate threat, it’s time to talk to someone about getting help. More About Us.

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At the end of the process, you’ll have a printable version of your personalized safety plan for reference whenever you need it.

You can read it online, print it immediately, or send a link to your email. The link is active for 24 hours, then your information is deleted from the website.