Springfield, MA – Mental Health Hotline

Are you worried about feelings of anxiety or depression but aren’t sure where to find treatment? Perhaps you’re struggling with trauma in your life, like sexual assault or the loss of a loved one. If you’re lost, alone, and not sure where to turn, we can help. Mental Health Hotline connects people in need with Western Massachusetts mental health providers. We partner with local Springfield mental health counselors and support programs to get you the support and treatment you need.

You’ve made the right first step to get help by looking for a Springfield, MA, hotline. We’re glad you reached out. Let’s find you the help you need.

Springfield Mental Health Facts

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, you’re not alone – more than 30% of Massachusetts adults reported feelings of depression or anxiety in 2023. Mental health concerns affect not just the person with the condition but also those around them. Friends and family members may wonder where to find help for their loved ones.

  • Springfield residents are more than twice as likely to be hospitalized for mental health-related reasons that people in the state of Massachusetts overall.
  • Adults aren’t the only ones who struggle with mental health. A recent Teen Health Survey of Springfield noted that one-third of eighth graders (adolescents 13-14 years old) experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Springfield is one of the most populous cities in Massachusetts, with a little over 153,000 residents, 25% of whom are at or below the national poverty rate. People with lower incomes have greater barriers to finding mental health treatment than others, but help is still available. The city has plenty of options at free or reduced cost for substance abuse treatment, anxiety and depression, and group support for different issues.
  • Of the 360,000 adults in the state who didn’t receive the mental health treatment they needed, 30% did not get help because the cost was a barrier to therapy. At MHH, we connect you with affordable resources in Springfield. Almost 22% of adults in Massachusetts who reported depression or anxiety symptoms were unable to get counseling or therapy.

Local Mental Health Assistance in Springfield

Making the decision to seek help for mental illness or trauma is a big first step – many people haven’t even gotten this far. When you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or loss, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when seeking help.

Do you need to find a therapist or get a diagnosis so your insurance will cover treatment? Are you looking for specific services, like LGBT-focused support, grief support groups, or a Springfield crisis hotline?

We’ve put together a list of local resources to help you get started – and remember that confidential, compassionate help is just one phone call away.

Substance Use Disorder Prevention Services (SPAC)

This program, administered by the Springfield Department of Health, provides overdose prevention services and help for people seeking drug or alcohol addiction recovery.


The Empowerment Project

LGBT+-focused community outreach program administered by the Behavioral Health Network (BHN). It offers group therapy for LBGT+ individuals, outpatient mental health support, and help finding support for health concerns.


The Department of Mental Health

provides free and low-cost mental health resources for people in Western Massachusetts. Some programs are income-based, while others are need-based; the DMH offers resources in Springfield and the surrounding areas.

1-(877) 382-1609

Western Mass. Recovery Learning Community (RLC)

Wildflower Alliance offers grassroots peer support and help for people with focused support groups. Its mission is to advance human rights and increase harm prevention.

(866) 641-2853

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Western Mass provides education and support for people living with mental illness and their families. There is a 24-hour Springfield helpline for crisis intervention and assistance finding local support. NAMI is also an advocacy organization working with the state for greater provision of mental health support services.

You Aren’t Alone. Help is Available 24-7

When you call one of the MHH Springfield crisis hotlines, you’ll reach a trained professional who can help you find the appropriate level of treatment for your needs. Whether you need crisis support for a loved one or you aren’t sure if you have depression, we can help. Helpline counselors connect you with programs that suit your needs when you need them.